About Us

Sportsnarad intends to highlight the need for cultural cohesion in society by using sports as a medium. We aspire to educate youth in understanding the positive impact of physical and mental wellbeing.

The platform is an initiative to bring Sports, Learn With Games, and Health & Wellness under one umbrella.

We want to create a strong picture about the diverse impact a sports healthy society can create by covering stories about sportspeople of different dimensions, starting from grass root to the international level, and how they have made a difference to society.

We want to promote learning interventions through games with a focus on skill development, reforming attitude, and creative thinking. We intend to inculcate the essence of using sports, games, and role play as a medium for experiential learning.

We want to create awareness about the role of traditional systems of medicine like Yoga and Ayurveda in maintaining a balance between mental and physical health. Our aim is to instill the importance of using Yogic practices, health regimes, and rejuvenation therapies to achieve excellence in sports.